Monthly Archives: June 2009

your death day…

Your death day.  I used to hate this day before I remembered and now I find  bit of perverse joy to it because I made it and you didn’t.  Yes, I made it and I’m learning to flourish.  Not just drag my ass through my life like I did before but actually thriving.  You didn’t win, your sickness and wounded self didn’t win because I broke the cycle. I did it.  I did it absolutely by myself, with help from no one.   I got my body and soul out of that tortured place and took my daughter with me.  Yeah it took a while but it is so worth it.  Now I am learning to  feel beauty, love, safety , kindness, gentleness, unconditional love, peace, serenity.  To quote Oprah, “ Look at what love can do”.

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