I think I shall stay home

at home, i am loved by the birds…cardinals, doves and finches  
they greet me as the sun comes up, flitting down from the trees, early morning chirping
their favorite seeds scattered for their pleasure and mine.


at home, i am loved by my trees who give me a spectacular show each day, 
sometimes a can-can with their leaves, sometimes a slow waltz of their upper limbs
all of them appreciated deeply.  i send them love as they change through the seasons, sprouting, emerging full, sometimes bare and exposed for the world to see. watching from my overstuffed, book lined nest.


at home, my dogs thump their tails on the floor even before their eyes are fully open
knowing i’ve come through the door of their laundry room boudoir to give them a day of exploration and bone snacks.
its a very mutual love relationship.


i go out of my home for obligatory errands but am not greeted as well out there
i’m older but not old, much slower than their impatient youthful pace, gunning through life as if there weren’t another moment to be lived well
i’m looking out for squirrels and deer and school children that cross the road here, slowing and stopping for the woman stuck in the crosswalk with an uncooperative stroller
it is a crime that I am honked and yelled at for
a crime that i commit for the greater good but still takes a tiny chip out of my porcelain psyche.


back at home, i draw water for tea
on the window sill, my fish dips and surfaces, stops to flutter her fins and send a fish kiss,
i think i shall stay at home for a while.


About Rescuing Little L

Documenting the pieces of my journey...recovery from childhood sexual abuse and cruel ignorance...the effects of those incidious acts through adulthood... until the grace of recovery transcended the trauma and shame of my past, making it possible to return to Rescue Little L.... View all posts by Rescuing Little L

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