Its official….I’m published…

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I LOVE the way that sounds. Its my first time,  my maiden voyage,  a virgin no more.  Even if the publication is a small magazine with a circulation of 10,000 readers and even if I receive as payment two complimentary copies of the magazine, what a divine message to see in your e-mail inbox.  The absolute best part of this is that this article was about my beloved owl, Athena.  She danced into my heart and now I get to share her with others.  

For a writer, to have someone love your work enough to put it in their publication and align association with them, is a seriously sweet treat.  And for a publication to understand and love this owl enough to share it with their readers makes my heart sing.  Thank you Selena Fox.


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8 responses to “Its official….I’m published…

  • Merry ME

    Laurel, My husband is watching TV and I’m blog hopping. Went to Terri’s forum and read what you had to say about being brave enough to start writing, and not writing but putting your stories out there for the world. Woohoo! I’m so proud of you.

    About three years ago I took that brave step and joined a writer’s group. I had been writing a blog for awhile so I had a tiny idea of what it felt like to have others read my work. Even if my following is mostly family members. And there is beloved Terri out there always cheering me on. But I didn’t even know what a group did. Had I known about critiquing I might not have stepped out of the house. But I did and I would be lost without the friendship, encouragement, and wisdom of these ladies. Talk about moving beyond one’s comfort zone. Yikes! I’ve shared my stories, and even had a couple published. Good golly, girlfriend, that is a heady experience! Seeing your story in print and holding it in your hands. My wriiting coach says it’s like crack cocaine for writers. And it’s true, you’ll keep writing just to see your name in print again and again.

    If I can help you in any way, give a shout out. My unsolicited advice is to keep writing. Keep believing in yourself.

    Best of luck.

    • Little L

      So nice to meet you! I have met the neatest people through Terri’s site and I appreciate the comment. Good to hear from a seasoned writer and I must admit, I’m just getting started….All those words have been rolling around in my head forever and they are just now finding their way down on paper….

      Thanks and stop by again soon!

  • lissyjane

    Would love to know where you published it and how to go about getting an autographed copy from the author 🙂 You know of my affection for and spiritual connection with owls. BTW, I love the image with this post.

    There’s nothing like being published. It is THE ultimate rush!! MerryME, you mailed it with “writer’s crack!”

    Awaiting more dish from you on this, LittleL. Hooot hoooooot for you!

    • Little L

      Awww shucks Lissy….its just little old me….this is great fun and do you remember when I wouldn’t even hardly write anything on the bone sigh forum…I lurked there for months just getting my courage to say hello……you were the ones who lifted me up and y’all have created a monster! bbwwwaaaaahhhhhaaaa!

  • Heather

    Congratulations, Little L. I am not familiar with the “publisher rush”, but I will take your word for it!! Athenas’ pics are sooo beautiful. Athena is a different kind of rush as nature’s messages are usually pretty powerful. I’m glad I could be a part of your journey. Happy writings!:) Heather

  • ntexas99

    congrats on being published! I’ve heard it kinda tingles … is it true? it always puts a smile on my face when I know a writer has been validated by seeing anything they’ve written actually PUBLISHED … way cool .. congrats.

    • Little L

      yes, it does tingle…even if the publication only pays in free copies, i got to know that someone liked my story about the owl…if you haven’t read it, check out Athena the owl. She’s magic and we could all use some more magic…thanks!

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