So the woman who has danced out of control….

So the woman who has danced out of control, who has lost her footing and lost her feet...has a special and valuable wisdom


Thank you Jackie Robinson for coming to the rescue today.  This is the beauty of connection at its best.  One of us puts wise words out in the world, another friend finds them and passes them on.  And so it goes.

As I combed through my inbox, I found this jewel just waiting for me to find at the perfect moment.  From Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves

‘So the woman who has danced out of control, who has lost her footing and lost her feet and understands that bereft state at the end of the fairy tale, has a special and valuable wisdom.’


I would consider it an honor and privilege to rise to this occasion that Dr. Estes illustrates.  It would be a personal challenge to take those life challenges where I’ve lost my footing and turn it into my own fairy tale. First, I have to fully grasp and accept the feelings that arise from losing one’s footing.  Each time I do, I believe it to be the last and final time that I’m faced with such challenge that completely knocks me off my feet.  Yet again and again, I’m plunged into that dark place where I must face once again the end of the fairy tale.  But now, I’m starting to understand that there is more than bleak, painful acceptance.  I can use the opportunity of the darkness to rest, spin a beautiful, silky cocoon around myself and re-invent myself, my soul and the fairy tale.

This really got me thinking hard again.  There is much dancing to be done.  Dancing with wild abandon.  Dancing out of control.

I would encourage you to visit Jackie’s site, A Heart’s Whisper and especially Sacred Circle Retreats.  These women, among others, in person and online have kept me afloat during those “bereft” times.

They dance with me out of control.


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9 responses to “So the woman who has danced out of control….

  • Crowing Crone Joss

    joining in the dance with you, dear one, and yes, we will , we do write our very own beautiful fairy tale. So take that and dance all the way home to your heart.

    • Crowing Crone Joss

      and I have to add that our wonderful Jackie is a blessing beyond compare.

    • Rescuing Little L

      Joss….I can see each time I read one of your posts why you are a poet. You simply write the most beautiful words. I feel you in my heart continually and would love to dance with you….

      • Jackie L. Robinson

        She certainly does, Little L. I noticed this post while away in Maine – and was doing very little web interaction at the time; but I made a mental note to return here and reread when the time allowed and I felt settled back into Atlanta. And as you so beautifully shared on my post, we come to ‘where we are’ when the time is right to be there. I am here, feeling your words, being reminded of the dance and the wild abandon we are all seeking to engage. It amazes me still how amongst our own circles, we are in truth, one immense gathering of spirits who come together in the most miraculous of ways to support and uplift one another. Thank you for sharing, for being touched and for passing that energy along….as it does keep moving. I enjoyed reading this again today. And so we keep dancing…..xoxo

      • Rescuing Little L

        I have come to love and depend on my circle of women who are “out there” somewhere in cyberspace yet close in my heart….So glad you stopped by and grateful that you had some time for rest and time away….

        Yes, my dear, we shall dance!

  • Randy Creath

    Let your dance be the demonstration of your hope, even when you’re feeling hopeless!!

  • Naomi Baltuck

    Excellent, thoughtful post!

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