Going in for residential treatment

Dear beautiful souls and loved ones,

Due to recent and horrific dips in my coping abilities combined with increased self harm and suicidal tendencies, I’m going for treatment at a residential facility.  I will take each and every one of you with me in my heart and cherish greatly the friends and tireless supporters that I’ve met here.  It is my hope that I will come through this stronger and more resilient than ever.  Until that time, live greatly and peace be with each and every one of you.  Aho. images


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Documenting the pieces of my journey...recovery from childhood sexual abuse and cruel ignorance...the effects of those incidious acts through adulthood... until the grace of recovery transcended the trauma and shame of my past, making it possible to return to Rescue Little L.... View all posts by Rescuing Little L

9 responses to “Going in for residential treatment

  • Wholly Jeanne

    I continue to hold you in my heart with the most tender love you can imagine. Thank you for knowing when it’s time to take this step and for taking it. The world would be much emptier and bland without your presence. x

  • Randy Creath

    You are in my thoughts and prayers but more than that, I carry you in my heart. Be good to yourself!!

  • the warrioress

    I will be thinking positive thoughts for you. I hope for a speedy recovery, L. Blessings…. Adrienne

  • Akasa

    Oh Sweetie…My heart is with you as you go. Your journey keeps unfolding Beloved and I totally understand your need for treatment. May you know I will support you in your endeavors and that I adore you. Godspeed Dear Sister…
    In Divine Love,
    Akasa WolfSong
    aka Phyllis on FB
    You know the deal.

  • If I Were a Butterfly

    My dear new friend…know while you are seeking help, so many of us are surrounding you with healing love. You’ve been a light for me, and an inspiration. I’d like to mirror some of that light back to you now. Hugs, Debbie

  • Marilyn Lott

    Haven’t been on the computer in the last few days, but silence NEVER means you’re forgotten. Only means that Life here gets in the way. But you’re in my thoughts and prayers… Love and blessings to you…

  • Lisa Pauli Petrich

    Sending love and light and healing energy to you my sweet child . Please know that you are not alone . I will be sending you all of my love and healing energy your way. I hope that you can feel it coming to you, wrapping you in a warm blanket of healing energy from the depths of my heart and soul.This world is big and sometimes cold but no child should ever be abused in anyway, you deserve peace and happiness to live the rest of your life free from the rotten bastards that hurt you when you were so young and helpless. I pray for you to have strength and a sense of pride that no one can ever take away from you. I will be lighting candles and burning incense daily as I pray for peace to fill you up and for angels to cradle that small beautiful child whose childhood was stolen so long ago.As you heal the beautiful woman that you have grown to be will arise more confident and strong than ever before.I believe in you and I admire your honesty and respect your feelings and I feel your pain and want to see you heal.I know it is not easy but I also know that it is possible to heal and I know in my heart that you will.Much love and light to you today and always Laurel ❤

    With all my Love, Lisa Pauli Petrich

  • matterstosam

    Hi. Just stopped by your blog and will be following. I too deal with suicidal thoughts and self injury at times as well as depression and anxiety. Have been hospitalized several times and live in long term residential for MI issues. If it’s too private I understand but I’d love to hear in general about the treatment center what kind of therapy you got and just day to day what happens. I’ve always been curious. I wish I and so many people I know who are struggling could afford residential treatment. It always bothers me that it seems only people with money can get quality physical and mental health care. But anyway I’m happy you are able to have this as part of your recovery and as I said I’d like to hear any general details you’re willing to share. Hope to hear from you when you get back.

    • Rescuing Little L

      Thanks…I appreciate your comment and need to follow up with this post…there are a lot of factors for me to write about. But in the meantime, stay in touch and we can take this apart piece by piece. I will comment on this briefly though, most everything I learned and was of any value were techniques I learned myself. Residential treatment was the worst, I mean, it made me worse and I was not a good fit. It was a dehumanizing experience, compounding every negative thing I ever felt about myself. Stop by my FB page if you can and we can chat more there…I am certainly willing to share what I know 🙂

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