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Its official….I’m published…

A Great Horned Owl sleeping at daytime in a ho...

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I LOVE the way that sounds. Its my first time,  my maiden voyage,  a virgin no more.  Even if the publication is a small magazine with a circulation of 10,000 readers and even if I receive as payment two complimentary copies of the magazine, what a divine message to see in your e-mail inbox.  The absolute best part of this is that this article was about my beloved owl, Athena.  She danced into my heart and now I get to share her with others.  

For a writer, to have someone love your work enough to put it in their publication and align association with them, is a seriously sweet treat.  And for a publication to understand and love this owl enough to share it with their readers makes my heart sing.  Thank you Selena Fox.


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