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blessings from the night child

For the past month or so, I have been having lots of dreams…dreams of epic proportion as well as being filled with an extraordinary amount of details…last night was a repeat of some of the same topics…the same cavernous, dark, old, somewhat dilapidated house that keeps reappearing.  at least I’m consistent.

This dream had more current people from my present day life…my husband, sister in law and co-workers  and am struggling to get out of this school building but am not being chased by perpetrators any longer.  I am just tired, very tired, been up all night trying to find my way out of this building after spending hours looking for my dogs.  My feet were so heavy and slowing me down…finally busted my way out of the building right into traffic…My dog Rosie got ran over as soon as we escaped and had one breath of relief, my daughter was screaming, the world started spinning out of control, that horrible feeling that no matter how hard you try for no matter how long, you may get one moment of reprieve before something hits you again and again…we got my dog to a vet in this hideously small town that we were in…and she recovered fine..a woman sitting beside me started chatting, stating she was a film maker and asked me if i I wanted to make this movie of my life and story…I couldn’t understand why and the thought of telling terrified me but i wanted to tell my story so badly I said OK…so the night child speaks to me and tells me to go ahead, she wants this story told, she is giving me permission and her blessing…

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